36 International Breakfasts

This is a special project which Allen and I are having a lot of fun with. It is a birthday present to Allen and involves me making 36 international breakfasts for him, because he turned 36 in April. A little bit of background here: Allen LOVES breakfast, which is really cute. He gets really excited about finding new breakfast places and when he is making breakfast at home. So when I told him about the birthday present, he was genuinely happy and impressed, which is what I was going for!

So, my goal is to finish this project by his next birthday, pretty ambitious given the fact that a week day is not an option(he works really hard and doesn’t have time for a lengthy breakfast during the week) and Sundays are reserved for good old American breakfasts at a restaurant. Basically I need to make international breakfasts 3 Saturdays of every month and I started a little late because I was traveling. But, I thrive under pressure folks and this is just breakfast!

  1. Breakfast #1: Korean

I started late April with Korean breakfast. I googled it and cross referenced different blogs to find the best combination of authenticity, ingredient availability and deliciousness. I bought the stew and kimchi and obviously made the rice, cucumber salad and egg myself. It was a hit!


  • Red bean and Tofu soup
  • An egg
  • Rice(mixture of regular and sweet)
  • Cucumber salad
  • Kimchi
  • Korean yogurt drink(this one is not traditional, just really tiny and cute)